Did You Know / Did You Care #3

The town of Truth or Consequences, pop. 5,753, is situated in south-central New Mexico along the Rio Grande River. Did you know / did you care that until 1950 it was named Hot Springs (there were once about 40 hot springs in and around the town), and changed its name as the result of a radio program contest? “Truth or Consequences” was hosted by Ralph Edwards on NBC radio from 1940-1957, and Edwards said that he’d host a broadcast from any town that agreed to change its name to that of the show.

Nancy had a good point: the state and federal highway departments at the time probably didn’t appreciate having to re-do all of the road signage when Hot Springs changed its name in 1950. The new name has 21 characters and takes up two lines on the signs on Interstate 25. I think the town’s name does not have a capital “o” in “or,” but I doubt the feds want to hear about that typographical error.

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