Did You Know / Did You Care #1

Many readers of this site will be aware of the elevation of Colorado’s capital city, Denver: 5,280 feet above sea level, which gives it the nickname “Mile High City.” Did you know/care that distinction, however, does not make it the highest capital in elevation in the country – nor even the second-highest. The second-highest capital city in the country is Cheyenne, Wyoming, which measures 6,062 feet in elevation. The highest state capital in the nation is Santa Fe, New Mexico, with an elevation of 7,199 feet – nearly 2,000 feet higher than Denver. Santa Fe was founded in 1610, which makes it the oldest state capital as well.

As opposed to Denver and Cheyenne, however, Santa Fe is only the fourth most-populated city (pop. 87,500) in its state, trailing Albuquerque (565,000), Las Cruces (111,000), and Rio Rancho (104,000).

The Goddard passed Santa Fe on Tuesday, Nov. 2, on its way to Albuquerque.

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